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The new CHAOS CLUB CLOTHING line promises to bring absolute CHAOS to the world of street fashion. Take to the streets and prepare for the event that will occur in early September when the clothing hits every hood in the country.


So Wassup with CHAOS?

As you will soon see — Plenty! CHAOS is a wild collection of bold and brash skulls and skeletons and heavy metal riffs and so much more, that go against the grain of conventional clothing. In a word, the new street line is EXTREME, PSYCHEDELIC and above all … CHAOTIC. Its coming in September 2014


Whether you’re into the heavy metal clash and thunder of Metallica or the latest  Headrush or Anthrax sounds,  when you show up at an event in your mind bending CHAOS outfit, you will blow away every Headbanger in the room.




The question is: “Are you ready for CHAOS?” This thought provoking, intimidating, alternative line of Hoodies, Tee Shirts and more will make headlines and cause a stir on the streets.


This is serious stuff, bro. If you think we’re kidding head over to the Club Chaos Clothing Facebook page for an up-front preview of CHAOS Clothing. If you are impressed  “Like Us” and “Share Us” with your like minded Facebook friends.




This CHAOS line has met the approval of bikers and badasses all across country. CHAOS’ weird and wild assortment was designed by Ken Miller, a Florida badass, with help from an assorted bunch of misfits and troubled individuals. Its the stuff from which Revolutions are made and the perfect gear to get your message across despite what the establishment has to say.

The extreme color themes and the incredible graphics on this unique new biker/heavy metal/protester, alternative clothing line will mark you as a man ahead of the times, not afraid to let your views and opinions be known to polite society. Wearable culture is here to stay with CHAOS.


WARNING! It takes guts and balls to wear CHAOS. Can you do it? CHAOS is all set to roll out in September. If you are man enough, stay posted at

Chaos Part 3  for non bikers too 4/24/14






CHAOS CLOTHING LINE is heavy in symbolism. Perhaps the most prominent of the symbols you will see on a good deal of our Club Chaos clothing features the bold images of skulls and skeletons. Pirates, Bikers and others have adopted the symbols to represent their life styles.


For many people especially bikers, daredevils and people whose lifestyle constantly tests and tempt the fates, the skeletons and skulls worn on their clothing or tattooed on their bodies, tell the world that they understand the process of dying and the finality of death , but they have no fear of it. Fear Nothing is a motto of CLUB CHAOS and you will often see variations of that theme repeated on the clothing we offer.


In many Western cultures, skulls have come to signify evil, but in reality there is no evidence for that. Throughout the ages, in cultures all over the world, these images were thought to be symbols of birth and renewal and were considered to be good omens, something riders depend on to keep their rubber down on the road.


These symbols have been with us for a thousand years or more. They have come to signify “Keep Away, Poison and Danger Ahead.” During the Crusades, skull and cross bone banners were used to some advantage during the Crusades to ward off Muslim hoards who were stricken with fear upon sight of those images during a battle.


Good omens are useful signs that gamblers look to keep the luck going their way and even to extend that luck at a poker game or a craps game. They represent all those things the Biker community hold sacred as do the designers of our CHAOS CLUB CLOTHING. You will find these symbols on a number of our CLUB CHAOS articles. Now you know the reason for their popularity.





300 words 4/24/14


Bike Chain Bracelets

1/2″ Wide
Two Tone Silver Candy Red
Crystal Centers
Sizes 6.75″, 7.25″, 7.75″,


1/2″ Wide
Two Tone Silver Candy Blue
Crystal Centers
Sizes 6.75″, 7.25″, 7.75″,


1/2″ Wide
Two Tone Silver Black
Crystal Centers
Sizes 6.75″, 7.25″, 7.75″,


1/2″ Wide
All Black
Crystal Centers
Sizes 6.75″, 7.25″, 7.75″,


1/2″ Wide
Two Tone Silver Pink
Sizes 6.75″, 7.25″, 7.75″,


Custom Motorcycle Club Rings

Custom Motorcycle Club Rings

Fully Custom Motorcycle Rings!

Winter is ending soon! You know what that means? Once the snow melts and your dusty motorcycle is cleaned and shining, It will soon be time to ride! Motorcycle clubs will be meeting soon to discuss upcoming events and rides! We are introducing fully custom rings that will be a great trademark for your organization! We will work with you fully to design and build a unique and one of a kind rings! They are affordable and built from the best material by our team of experts! Don’t miss out on this great opportunity!

You will be satisfied and impressed with the wholesale pricing we are offering for this deal!

Fundraising Opportunity!

These custom motorcycle club rings are a great way to raise funds for your organization! Ask us how today and we will help you set this up and get the process started for creating your masterpiece!

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Stainless Steel provides affordable option in economy of skyrocketing silver and gold prices

Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp wearing skull jewelry? A retired M.D. purchasing a skull ring with thrill from a Florida retailer, Atocha Treasure Jewelry? That’s right. Heavy Metal jewelry has become increasingly popular in the fashion world as it continues its appeal to the biker and rocker subcultures.

The history of Heavy Metal Jewelry tells us that sporting its symbols is often a statement of rebellion, but is also a statement of power and is meant to represent an attitude of freedom and independence – like the feeling of riding that motorcycle through the wind without boundaries. In addition, historians indicate that the skull symbol is not meant to represent death, but rather the undying soul and afterlife. This has long been interpreted from the use of the image in the Middle Ages to depict fertility of life, and by images of winged skulls on graves representing the deceased’s soul rising to heaven.

With the ever-rising cost of gold and silver, the use of stainless steel offers the opportunity for those without enough wealth to obtain pieces of this jewelry, whether rings, bracelets, necklaces, or pendants, to purchase such items in stainless steel without the high cost. Bikers should be excited to have this low cost alternative.

Since families, retirees, older women, weekend professionals, etc. have begun forming biker groups and riding for vacations, the appeal of heavy metal, and particularly biker jewelry, has greatly broadened its market. Stainless steel products will allow these new middle-class bikers to round out their sport with traditional biker symbols.

Kenny Miller, of Atocha Treasure Jewelry, has been manufacturing sterling silver coin replicas and 14k jewelry for 25 years in Estero, Florida. He began in 1985 by producing replicas of the coins that Mel Fisher, a well-known American treasure hunter, discovered in the sunken Spanish galleon, Senora de Atocha, off the coast of Key West, Florida. Knowing that most people could not afford to buy any of the $400 million worth of gold and silver coins being sold by Fisher, Atocha Treasure Jewelry began producing sterling silver replicas for a much lower cost. Miller’s company served a large market for these precisely produced coins, as well as jewelry, for this 25 years.

To further his markets in need of inexpensive products, Miller is now producing stainless steel heavy metal biker jewelry for wholesale and individual use. So again, Atocha Treasure Jewelry is providing an affordable product, this time for bikers, rockers and other persons of the “born to be wild” self-definition.

Miller creates and crafts his jewelry with use of a scanning and milling machine, also known as a CAD/CAM. By this process, the item of jewelry is designed by computer software or scanned in 3D to a special printer with a milling spindle, which actually cuts the design sent from the computer. The system results in absolute precision and infinite variation, allowing a more desirable appearance to some than handmade versions. This system, substituting for handcrafting, also reduces cost, despite the fact that each piece of jewelry is individually produced.

Atocha Treasure Company LLC is excited to pursue its new venture and meet the needs of the heavy metal community.

Atocha Treasure Company LLC was founded in 1985 to provide consumers with a wide choice of sterling silver replications and gold jewelry, and now including heavy metal biker stainless steel jewelry. The new website,, offers a complete catalogue of products, company information and ordering access.


Sale $5.00 On eBay


Highest Quality 316L Stainless S

Highest Quality
316L Stainless Steel Jewelry

of our stainless steel jewelry is 316L which is one of the highest
grades of stainless steel (the L meaning low carbon). Our 316L stainless
steel is the same stainless steel used in surgical medical equipment and
is guaranteed never to rust, change color or tarnish. Stainless steel is
the most hypoallergenic element known to man and will not irritate even
the most sensitive skin.
Customer Service 800-650-9030 Quality 316L Stainless Steel Jewelry All of our stainless steel jewelry is 316L which is one of the highest grades of stainless steel (the L meaning low carbon). Our 316L stainless steel is the same stainless steel used in surgical medical equipment and is guaranteed never to rust, change color or tarnish. Stainless steel is the most hypoallergenic element known to man and will not irritate even the most sensitive skin.

Welcome to blog.  All jewelry is designed by Kenny Miller using state-of-the-art  cad/cam machines right here in Estero, Florida with over 25 years in the jewelry business. Please check out our web site and eBay store under seller HEAVY METAL JEWELRY for great savings on all these stainless steel products.