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The new CHAOS CLUB CLOTHING line promises to bring absolute CHAOS to the world of street fashion. Take to the streets and prepare for the event that will occur in early September when the clothing hits every hood in the country.


So Wassup with CHAOS?

As you will soon see — Plenty! CHAOS is a wild collection of bold and brash skulls and skeletons and heavy metal riffs and so much more, that go against the grain of conventional clothing. In a word, the new street line is EXTREME, PSYCHEDELIC and above all … CHAOTIC. Its coming in September 2014


Whether you’re into the heavy metal clash and thunder of Metallica or the latest  Headrush or Anthrax sounds,  when you show up at an event in your mind bending CHAOS outfit, you will blow away every Headbanger in the room.




The question is: “Are you ready for CHAOS?” This thought provoking, intimidating, alternative line of Hoodies, Tee Shirts and more will make headlines and cause a stir on the streets.


This is serious stuff, bro. If you think we’re kidding head over to the Club Chaos Clothing Facebook page for an up-front preview of CHAOS Clothing. If you are impressed  “Like Us” and “Share Us” with your like minded Facebook friends.




This CHAOS line has met the approval of bikers and badasses all across country. CHAOS’ weird and wild assortment was designed by Ken Miller, a Florida badass, with help from an assorted bunch of misfits and troubled individuals. Its the stuff from which Revolutions are made and the perfect gear to get your message across despite what the establishment has to say.

The extreme color themes and the incredible graphics on this unique new biker/heavy metal/protester, alternative clothing line will mark you as a man ahead of the times, not afraid to let your views and opinions be known to polite society. Wearable culture is here to stay with CHAOS.


WARNING! It takes guts and balls to wear CHAOS. Can you do it? CHAOS is all set to roll out in September. If you are man enough, stay posted at

Chaos Part 3  for non bikers too 4/24/14






CHAOS CLOTHING LINE is heavy in symbolism. Perhaps the most prominent of the symbols you will see on a good deal of our Club Chaos clothing features the bold images of skulls and skeletons. Pirates, Bikers and others have adopted the symbols to represent their life styles.


For many people especially bikers, daredevils and people whose lifestyle constantly tests and tempt the fates, the skeletons and skulls worn on their clothing or tattooed on their bodies, tell the world that they understand the process of dying and the finality of death , but they have no fear of it. Fear Nothing is a motto of CLUB CHAOS and you will often see variations of that theme repeated on the clothing we offer.


In many Western cultures, skulls have come to signify evil, but in reality there is no evidence for that. Throughout the ages, in cultures all over the world, these images were thought to be symbols of birth and renewal and were considered to be good omens, something riders depend on to keep their rubber down on the road.


These symbols have been with us for a thousand years or more. They have come to signify “Keep Away, Poison and Danger Ahead.” During the Crusades, skull and cross bone banners were used to some advantage during the Crusades to ward off Muslim hoards who were stricken with fear upon sight of those images during a battle.


Good omens are useful signs that gamblers look to keep the luck going their way and even to extend that luck at a poker game or a craps game. They represent all those things the Biker community hold sacred as do the designers of our CHAOS CLUB CLOTHING. You will find these symbols on a number of our CLUB CHAOS articles. Now you know the reason for their popularity.





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